Does using a Pay Per Head sportsbook make good business sense for both well-established and new bookies?

Whether you are new and just learning how to become a bookie, or you are a well- established bookie looking for top quality Pay Per Head sportsbook software, the logic and the benefits will be the same. For the new guys (or gals) who are just getting started remember that, in the Pay Per Head sportsbook business, we refer to the bookie as the “agent” and your customers are your “players”.

In today’s market fair, competitive pricing for top of the line Pay Per Head sportsbook software from a well-established and reliable PPH sportsbook that includes “live betting” is $10 per active player per week. Beware of companies that are trying to get your business by under-cutting the market because you get what you pay for. They probably won’t be there in the long term and in the short term you won’t get the same level of sportsbook software, customer service, tech support, backend management controls and reporting,

Let’s crunch some numbers together that apply to agents who use pay per head online sportsbook software. All of your players usually are not going to play every week so you ONLY PAY for the number of players who were active this week. In most cases the number of active players will fluctuate from one week to another and one sports season to another. Historically, the active player numbers are higher during the NFL season and tend to be lower during the summer MLB season. For example, using round numbers let’s say you, as the agent, have 100 players but only 80 were active this week. Players are considered active if they placed a wager of any type on the site this week. Your price per head is $10 and you have 80 active players (heads) so you would pay $800 this week.

Initially you might think “wow that’s a lot of money”. Let’s be very conservative and say that your players lost an average of $100 this week. That means your gross revenue before expenses was $8,000. All businesses have operating expenses. Since you have an online business you don’t have to pay things like rent, payroll, electric and insurance. So in this very conservative example you are paying 10% of your gross revenue to the pay per head sportsbook to provide and maintain the wagering website for your players, provide customer service and tech support 24 hours per day 7 days per week and provide highly experienced linesmakers to set and move the lines on a global menu of sporting events. In addition, you as the agent have access to the backend of the site with total transparency. That includes complete tracking and reporting of all the activity of each and every one of your players and all of your accounting done for you automatically. That is a very profitable business model. You have the ability to manage each player by setting weekly credit lines, maximum wagering limits per game or whatever restrictions you want to impose. You will have access to over 50 different reports that you can generate for each individual player or all of your players cumulatively enabling you to have the management controls that will make you successful and profitable.

It is our desire to be proactive in response to the current Covid-19 pandemic. So as our stimulus relief we are offering, for a limited time, all new agents can get started with one of the oldest and best Pay Per Head softwareproviders in the industry for the price of $9 per head! Now you can get the rock bottom price of $9 per active player including live betting! You will keep that same rock bottom price through the Super Bowl* to help with your Covid-19 economic recovery. If you have 60 or more active players that is more of a stimulus relief than President Trump is offering!

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*You will go to our regular low price of $10 per head the week after the Super Bowl.


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