How to Become a Bookie

The Go to Reference Guide for You and/or Your Players
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With the growth of the internet over the last thirty plus years the bookie business has changed dramatically. The internet evolution has spawned a new generation of technology that is available to bookies. Utilizing this evolving technology, the off-shore sportsbook industry has experienced tremendous growth and Costa Rica has established itself at the forefront in the America’s. The availability of numerous Pay Per Head (PPH) services allows today’s bookies, whether you have been in business for years or you are just launching a start-up, to take your business to an elite level of professionality, tracking and financial control.

Our management team has over fifty years of combined experience in the sports wagering industry. With our innovative, state of the art PPH service you will be able to become a bookie and provide your players with the ability to place wagers either by phone or on the internet with their smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. Whether they are at home, in the office, or on the go they will be able to place wagers on their favorite teams and sporting events whenever they so desire.

From your perspective as the bookie our state-of-the-art Pay Per Head service at will give you total control over your player’s weekly credit lines, maximum and minimum amounts per wager and access to options such as live betting and the casino games. You will have the ability to go online at any time and review reports on all transactions, either by individual players or all of your players, in spread sheet formats that you can opt to print out whenever you need. This allows you to provide an exceptional service to your players while maintaining the complete control that is necessary to manage your business professionally and accurately.

Contact us now so that we can help you experience a detailed, guided tour through both the front end of the wagering platform and the back end with all the tracking, reporting tools and controls that we provide for you. We will be excited to point out and guide you step by step through all of the innovative bells and whistles that we have integrated into our state-of-the-art Pay Per Head wagering platform. You will be able to experience first-hand our patience and our commitment to providing you with a level of customer service that is unparalleled.

We will be happy to answer your questions and help you through the setup process. During this process you will need to decide various things such as payout odds on parlays, limitations on the different types of wagers and access to various wagering options.

With today’s computer technology it is no longer necessary to have a stack of legal pads or bookkeeping ledgers to track your business and keep your records on paper. USB drives are small and portable external hard drives on which you can store all of your data. We highly recommend that you do not leave your USB drive in your computer. You should remove it and store it in a very safe and secure place. It would be wise for you to keep that storage location very private. Be advised that it is also very important to remember to promptly shred and completely destroy any paper tracking and reports that you have printed. Do not carelessly let those accumulate so that they can possibly fall into the wrong hands.

Use of USB drives and a top quality PPH service such as will help you to minimize your risk and maximize your rewards.

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is to establish your bankroll. You will have to decide where you will want to get the funds from and how much capital you are willing to put at risk to get started. It is critical for you to understand that there will be weeks that the public, or more specifically your players, will win. You must be prepared by having a sufficient bankroll to pay all of your players promptly and cheerfully in a timely manner. If you ever put yourself in a position where you can’t do that you will be signing the death warrant for your business. If you don’t pay your players promptly and courteously in a timely manner when they win then you will be setting a precedent and you can’t expect them to pay you in the same manner when they lose.

In order to grow your business, you will have to do marketing and talk to people. Be low key when you are talking to potential players in public. You will want to stay under the radar and not draw unnecessary attention to yourself and your business activity.

Choose your players wisely because, much like a loan officer at the bank or a credit manager at a credit card company, you are extending credit to your clients. You want to be able to have a high degree of confidence in their ability and willingness to pay you when they lose. Players who don’t have the ability or willingness to pay when they lose will be bad debts for you and can ultimately send you and your business into financial ruin. You will have to be razor sharp in determining credit lines that remain within the player’s ability to pay. You will have to be very judicious in helping them to not overextend themselves. Keep in mind that these upfront controls will go a long way to preventing collection problems for you in the future. Remember that it is much easier to raise a credit line once a player has proven their reliability than it is to lower one after they owe more than they can pay in a timely manner if at all. At the same time be very sure to not overextend yourself and your available bankroll of risk capital.

As you grow you will get referrals from your existing players. The credit worthiness and consistent timely payment of the existing player will often be directly relative to that of their referral. In most cases referrals, in your business as in all businesses, will be a relatively secure way to grow your business. When accepting new players make sure to use the basic business strategy known as KYC or know your client.

Sports bars will obviously be a very good option for you to find players. You should frequent these bars keeping your eyes and ears open. It would be advisable to identify key employees who can help you by giving you information on prospective players. You will need to compensate them accordingly when leaving your gratuity. That kind of information will be very valuable to you in selecting prospective players who are creditworthy and by compensating them these key employees will be motivated to help you.

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