Do you want to open your own online white label casino?

Without a doubt the first step you will need to take is to find an established, reliable, top of the line pay per head software company. They will provide you with the all-inclusive software platform for your business along with the support, experience and leadership to get you set up and running quickly.

The key to your business is providing a stable mobile casino platform for your players. With an online business you don’t have the start-up and operating expenses of a traditional brick and mortar business. So you want to choose an experienced, financially stable company that will keep your site up and running. There are companies out there that will give you low ball prices to get your business but they don’t’ have the stability, expertise and wherewithall to keep you up and running. If your site goes down or has glitches then you are out of business and you have very unhappy players. When you use one of the best pay per head software companies they will set you up with a turn-key white label casino software that will also include a sportsbook and racebook.

A well-established, state of the art company like will provide you with a vibrant mobile casino site that has more than 90 different games including craps, bingo, keno, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, a large selection of slot machines, various poker games such as pai gow, video and three-card poker. Pay per head sites provided by Real Pro Bookies also have live dealer games available.

You as the agent will have total transparency and complete control of your players. You will be able to set daily and weekly credit limits and maximum bet limits for your players. Another very important control that you have is you can limit the maximum win amount in the casino games. This allows you to ensure that a player doesn’t get on an incredible hot streak and bankrupt you in the casino. Remember that the player will come back to play more often in an online casino because they can play 24/7 and they have the credit line which you have given them unlike a traditional casino where they have to put the money up front to play. So they are going to play more often. Please be aware that you want to extend credit limits to your players that keep them within their financial means so that they have the ability to pay you when they inevitably lose.

The economics of this business is very lucrative. Let’s examine the numbers more closely. If, for example, you have 50 active players this week and we will conservatively say that the average amount of money lost by each of them was just $100. That is $5,000 and your cost for the pay per head software is $10 per head or $500 total. You may have other incidental expenses such as gas for your car but the pay per head cost is your primary, significant business expense so in this example your profit for the week would be $4,500.

All you have to do is manage your players and their limits. Real Pro Bookies provides the mobile casino and online sportsbook software solution, 24/7 customer support, tech support and highly experienced linesmakers to set and monitor the odds and betting lines. You have over 50 available options for reports that you can generate on an individual player or all of your players cumulatively at any time you want.

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