Sports Bookies’ Most Popular Bets

This is a list of some of the wagers available through our pay per head program. Please notice that this article does not contain a complete description of our betting options. Please sign up immediately for a detailed list of what will be available to your players.

Customers bet on football and basketball, which are clearly two of the most popular sports. A pointspread, as well as a total, which indicates the total amount of points scored in the game, and a money line, which pays on the “straight-up” winner, are constructed for each game. If you choose RealPROBookie’s Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbook package, you’ll be able to provide a variety of additional services to your customers, such as halftime lines, quarter-by-quarter lines, and props involving key players.

There are also the “exotic” bets, which have become very popular. If you’re an agent, you know that a large portion of your clientele wants to “score” on any given day, and some exotics offer the chance to accomplish just that if a sports bettor strikes it rich.

Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Parlay – A parlay is when a bettor pools a number of teams in the hopes that they will all win. You can put various props from the same game in a parlay if they’re in the same sport. However, events can be used in a variety of sports. A parlay payout chart is available for players to review, but to give you an idea, a four-team parlay will pay out at 11-to-1 odds, while a “five-teamer” will pay out at 22-to-1 odds.

Teaser – This works similarly to a parlay, except that for each event in the teaser, you get to move a set number of points in your favor to boost your chances of winning. So, if you have a six-point teaser between two teams, you may change those points around. For example, if you have the Cowboys at -6 and the Raiders at +6, and you want to play a two-team, six-point teaser with Dallas and Oakland, you could have the Cowboys at pick’em and the Raiders at +12. You’ll be compensated at -110 if you win.

There are many different sorts of teasers, each with a different number of teams and points. A “super teaser,” sometimes known as a “special teaser,” is a game in which you can form three or five teams, earn more points than an ordinary teaser, but earn less money. You lose the whole thing if you have a tie in a super teaser. You might be able to acquire a three-team, ten-point teaser, but you’d have to pay a premium for it.

Pleaser – A pleaser is the polar opposite of a teaser in that instead of shifting the line in your favor, it moves the line away from you. So, in the case of the Cowboys and Raiders, if we had a pleaser instead of a teaser, we’d be laying twelve points with Dallas and getting the Raiders at pick’em. Of course, we’d win more than with a teaser; in the “ties win” scenario, winning that two-teamer would net us +550.

If-Bet — These wagers are similar to a chain in that they are a collection of bets, but the action will only progress if each subsequent wager wins. So, in a “If-Bet” scenario, if you bet the 1 PM NFL game first, then the 4 PM game, then the night game, then the Monday game, you must win the 1 PM game first. It’s over if you don’t. We designed this to make things easier for you; chronology isn’t necessary while placing the If-Bet. You can put them in whatever order you choose. So you can be waiting for a later game to finish and the outcome to be recorded before placing a wager on the earlier game.

Reverse – Also referred to as a “action reverse,” this is a set of two or more “If-Bets” that work in both directions. You’re betting on two different sequences, each with the same amount of money.

The second bet listed in the reverse bet will only go forward if the first bet wins. Because of the payment structure, the customer can reduce his risk while still having a chance to win big by hitting both teams. It’s not much different to wager on horses than it is to gamble on an exacta. You’ll do well if you can hit both.


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