What Is a Pay Per Head?

A top quality “pay per head”, or PPH as it is frequently referred to, is a company that provides a professional sports betting website and complete software platform for bookies who are known as agents. The website will post a multitude of sports betting lines for a global menu of sporting events. These lines are constantly updated in real time.

The bookie or agent registers their players with the pay per head and creates unique usernames and passwords for each of their players. The agent then issues each of their players the username and password associated with their own individual account. This will now enable the players to access the sports betting website and make wagers on the sporting events of their choice. When each event becomes final the player’s account will debited or credited in accordance with the results of their wagers. This is called grading.

The software platform enables the players to see all of their recent wagers, the results of each and the running monetary balance in their account at all times right up to the conclusion of each event on which they have wagered.

The agent has full access to view the up to the minute status and details for each and every one of their players. The agent can set per game wager limits for each player as well as credit lines which they can monitor and edit however they feel is necessary. The agent can restrict at their discretion individual players, or all of their players, from accessing specific portions of the website’s betting platform. For example, some agents choose to not allow some or all of their players to access casino games or horse racing.

The name “pay per head” is derived from the pricing structure. Agents pay a specific price each week for every player that was active by placing a graded wager on the site that week. A wager is graded when the event that the player wagered on becomes final. The base price is generally $10 per player per week which is how the name “pay per head” came to be. The agent only pays for players who have placed a graded wager on the website that week.

This type of business arrangement allows the agent to have total monitoring, wagering and cost controls for their business. Consequently, the business has the potential to be very profitable. The agent may have only 10 or 20 players who are very active betting $100 or more on multiple games every day, 100s of players who bet $50 to $100 a handful of times per week or a combination thereof. All of these scenarios are profitable for the agent.

It is important for agents to utilize good business practices. Probably the most important of these is what is known as “kyc” or know your client. The agent has to be very attentive to knowing the financial position of their players. The credit line that they extend to each player can’t be too low to allow their business to flourish but also can’t be too high to where it exceeds the player’s ability to pay.

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